Fire Service Projects

The resources listed below are provided to assist developers, engineers, and contractors in designing and installing new dedicated fire services in accordance with Spartanburg Water's requirements.

We require all projects to adhere to the standards and requirements outlined in Spartanburg Water's Technical Specifications for Water Distribution System Improvements, available in PDF format below.

We also provide standard details and specifications that can easily be incorporated into the site or private fire protection system plans. By providing the necessary details to design professionals at the outset of the project and having these incorporated into the design early, the process can be streamlined. Spartanburg Water will review and approve the proposed plans, review internal fire protection system plans, require a pre-construction conference and perform construction inspections for all new fire services.

We feel that a key to the success of these fire service projects is early communication. Therefore, we ask you to contact us at the outset of a project so that we can assist you. Please contact Joel Watson at (864) 580-5681 or if you have questions.

Resources and Procedures

Customer Fire Service Project Checklist
Customer Fire Service Project Flow Chart
Fire Service Questionnaire
Lists of Approved Backflow Prevention Assemblies
Fire Service Plan Review Checklist
Water Distribution Technical Specifications
List of Contractors Approved for Water Taps

Fire Service Related Standard Construction Detail Drawings

The following details are to assist with the preparation of plans for Fire Service Projects and streamline plan review. Any modifications to the details shown should be conveyed to the assigned Spartanburg Water Project Manager.

Fire Service Details

Autocad | PDF Above Ground Fire Enclosure
Autocad | PDF Pit Detail 6: Optional Fire Service or Large Meter Backflow Assembly for use in Landscaped Areas
Autocad | PDF Pit Detail 7: Fire Service Backflow Assembly Pit with No Fire Dept. Connection
Autocad | PDF Pit Detail 8: Fire Service Backflow Assembly Pit with Fire Dept. Connection

Related Standard Construction Details

Autocad | PDF No. 1 Sanitary Sewer and Waterline Crossing Detail
Autocad | PDF No. 2 Typical Trenching Detail
Autocad | PDF No. 3 Permanent "Blow-off" Detail
Autocad | PDF No. 4 Concrete Thrust Block Detail
Autocad | PDF No. 5 Typical Concrete Collar Detail
Autocad | PDF No. 6 DIP to HDPE Transition Detail
Autocad | PDF No. 7 Valve Box Details
Autocad | PDF No. 8 Water Main Air Release Valve and Manhole
Autocad | PDF No. 9 Typical Fire Hydrant Installation
Autocad | PDF No. 10 Casing Pipe Bore and Jack Detail
Autocad | PDF No. 11 Carrier Pipe Installation in Casing
Autocad | PDF No. 12 Pipe Supported On Concrete Piers
Autocad | PDF No. 13 Typical Pavement Repair Detail
Autocad | PDF General Notes