About Spartanburg Water

Our mission is to provide quality water and wastewater
services to our region in a reliable manner.

  • That’s why our commission enacted a Resolution to Protect Water Quality.
  • A strong and healthy ecosystem is one of the most reliable means of achieving water quality.
  • A reliable ecosystem is a balanced ecosystem.
  • True to our mission, Spartanburg Water enacted a strategy to protect—and strengthen—the ecosystem that supplies our community’s drinking water.
  • Our strategy is based upon the successful integration of best practices in watershed/ecosystem management, innovative treatment processes and direct engagement with our stakeholders:
  • To minimize the growth of algae that cause taste-and-odor challenges.
  • To adjust treatment processes that ensure water quality and reduce the taste-and-odor impacts associated with algae.
  • To provide stakeholder education and engagement opportunities to demonstrate the importance of preventing runoff pollution that encourages algae growth in the reservoirs.