About Spartanburg Water

What is Our Compass?

The concept is simple: At Spartanburg Water, we are on a journey to excellence and success.

Our Compass is a new way of expressing our previous Guiding Principles, with an added twist.

Our Compass supports our Mission and it is a lens that sharpens our Vision.

Each of the points on Our Compass—

Purpose, Protection, Promise and People—steers us to continued excellence, and achieving our stated goals and priorities.

PURPOSE is our True North. Our purpose encourages innovation and creativity as a team and with an ethical approach to overcome challenges and find opportunities to excel.

PROTECTION is our pledge to be accountable.  We assure the safety of our water, employees, customers and resources while protecting our watershed and returning clean water to the environment.

PROMISE is our commitment to provide quality service and water.   We embrace industry advancements and strive to exceed the needs of our customers, coworkers and community with exemplary service in all our interactions.

PEOPLE are the path to our success.  We strive to create and strengthen an inclusive work environment by recruiting and retaining the necessary talent.  We look for the best and expect the best in our workforce, and for our community.