About Lake Bowen

In the 1950s, the Spartanburg region experienced a considerable increase in population. At the time, the population of Spartanburg County had risen to well over 150,000 people, with that number expected to significantly grow in the coming decades. To meet the steadily increasing demand of water usage and to ensure an adequate water supply for the future of Spartanburg County, Lake William C. Bowen was constructed in 1960. Located within the South Pacolet River Basin, Lake Bowen was formed by the waters of the South Pacolet River and its tributaries.

Today, Lake Bowen encompasses 1,534 acres and contains approximately 33 miles of shoreline. Along with providing an adequate water supply, Lake Bowen offers many recreational activities like boating and fishing. Visitors can also enjoy Anchor Park, a recreational park provided by Spartanburg Water that offers picnic pavilions, waterfront access for fishing, a playground, two boat ramps, and the Lake Bowen Warden’s Office.

Although the landscape around Lake Bowen has experienced much change over the past 56 years, the lake itself has remained a sound, focal point of the region. Throughout the coming years, the Lake Bowen area will continue to experience change, with new possibilities, an influx of new families, and promising growth. Amidst the change, Lake Bowen will continue to be the vital link it has always been for the Spartanburg region, providing an adequate water supply and a variety of recreational activities to the residents of Spartanburg County and the surrounding region.

Lake Bowen and Pacolet River Levels

Lake levels and river flows are almost always in a constant state of fluctuation. Spartanburg Water regularly monitors the levels of Lake Bowen, along with the flow of the South and North Pacolet River, to better manage our water supply. As an informational source, customers and recreational users can now monitor these trends for Lake Bowen and the Pacolet River system at their convenience. For reservoir level and river flow history, select a location from the list below.

Lake Bowen Lake Level
South Pacolet River
North Pacolet River

Directions to Lake Bowen (Anchor Park)

From Greenville
Go I-85 North (towards Charlotte). Take Exit 75 (Boiling Springs/SC9) and turn left towards Boiling Springs. Go 8.5 miles. Lake Bowen Park will be located on the left.

From Charlotte
Go I-85 towards (Greenville/Spartanburg). Take Exit 75 (Boiling Springs/SC9) and turn right towards Boiling Springs. Go 8.5 miles. Lake Bowen Park will be located on the left.
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Rules and Boating Access Permits

Recreational Rules and Regulations
Spartanburg Water has adopted specific policies and procedures that govern any recreational activities on Lake Bowen. These rules and regulations have been adopted to ensure that all users of Lake Bowen conduct their recreational activities in a safe and conscientious manner. Before participating in any recreational activities on Lake Bowen, please read through the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Boating Regulations.

Boat Permitting
Spartanburg Water has established a specific boat permitting fee structure that governs the use of Lake Bowen. These fees have been adopted to ensure that all users of Lake Bowen understand the permitting and fees for the use of Lake Bowen. Please read through the Spartanburg Water Summary of Boat Permitting /Fee Structure before participating in any activities on Lake Bowen.

To learn more about our new Healthy Lakes, Great Drinking Water Campaign, please click here.

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