Municipal Reservoir #1

Municipal Reservoir #1 acts as the final line of natural filtration for settling and sedimentation before the raw water reaches the R.B. Simms Drinking Water Treatment Facility. This natural environment and protected buffer helps Spartanburg Water System fulfill its mission of delivering quality water in a reliable manner. Preventing runoff pollution means less chemicals are used in the drinking water treatment process. That’s important both for the customers we serve and the economic vitality of the region.  

SWS is committed to maintaining the natural condition of Municipal Reservoir #1, and consequently surface recreation of any kind is strictly prohibited including swimming and any form of watercraft.  

Access to the Property 

SWS owns and controls all of the property at Municipal Reservoir #1 below the 780’ MSL contour line (SWS Property). Access to SWS property is only allowed in properly designated public access areas or from a properly permitted access point abutting adjoining landowners property. A single path, no wider than 48 inches, may be permitted.  

There is no implied access to SWS Property, and SWS does not allow unrestricted access to its property.  
Any person found on SWS Property at Municipal Reservoir #1 without permission from SWS is trespassing and may be subject to criminal sanction.

Vessels and Watercraft 

SWS does not permit surface recreation of any kind at Municipal Reservoir #1; this prohibition includes, but is not limited to kayaks, canoes, paddle boats, sailing boats, or any other type of watercraft. SWS does not issue access and launching permits for boats or other types of watercraft at Municipal Reservoir #1. 

Structures at Municipal Reservoir #1 

SWS does not permit or allow private structures or other forms of improvements such as docks or sitting areas on SWS Property at Municipal Reservoir #1.   

Any license granted by SWS is non-transferable and does not allow any subsequent owner to have or place any structure on SWS property. The Non-conforming License Agreement by its terms will terminate upon the transfer of the adjoining landowner’s property and the non-conforming structure must be permanently removed at that time.  


Withdrawing water from Municipal Reservoir #1 is not allowed.  SWS does not permit or allow irrigation pumps or piping to be installed at Municipal Reservoir #1. 

Natural Vegetative Buffer 

Adjoining landowners may not mow, trim or maintain in any way SWS property at Reservoir #1. All SWS property below the 780’ MSL contour line will remain a natural vegetative buffer to protect the quality of the water in the reservoir. The riparian buffer is a natural defense for erosion control and filtration of storm water runoff.

At its sole discretion, and upon execution of applicable permit applications, SWS may allow adjoining landowners to maintain a 48” wide opening on SWS property below the 780’ MSL contour line for the purposes of fishing and passive recreation. Again, other forms of recreation upon the surface of the water are prohibited. 

As an alternative to requiring the SWS property below the 780’ MSL contour line to remain a natural (wild) vegetative area, SWS may allow an adjoining landowner to furnish and install sufficient plant material to form an improved riparian buffer (Improved Riparian Buffer).  An Improved Riparian Buffer is comprised of native plants and grasses specified by SWS which provide continuous plant growth across the entire width and length of the buffer area. At the request of an adjoining landowner, SWS will evaluate the location and may approve a planting plan. The adjoining landowner would be responsible for the cost and maintenance of these plants and the plant growth if a permit is granted for an Improved Riparian Buffer. 


Unpermitted fishing is prohibited. Fishing is generally allowed from properly designated public access areas and may be allowed from a properly permitted access point abutting an adjoining landowner’s property. A valid South Carolina fishing license is required.