Lake Bowen Policies and Guidance

Our Policies and Procedures provide important information for those residents living adjacent to Lake Bowen. 

Lake Bowen Policies and Guidance

Spartanburg Water maintains ownership of our drinking water supply reservoirs, including shoreline buffer property up to the 827’ Mean Sea Contour Line above the water's edge for Lake Bowen. We take this responsibility seriously and follow a strict set of policies and procedures to ensure the long-term health and quality of the reservoirs that supply our community with its drinking water.

Lake Bowen provides an excellent source of high quality drinking water for the people of the Spartanburg area. Protection of this resource is needed to ensure that current and future generations will continue to enjoy drinking water from the reservoir and also have excellent opportunities for outdoor recreation and education. Protection of the reservoir begins with the surrounding watershed and associated land use practices. Please read the Resolution to Protect Water Quality, adopted by the Commission of Public Works of the City of Spartanburg.

We have adopted specific policies and procedures that govern all activities on Lake Bowen or on SWS property surrounding the reservoir.


If you would like to download the pdf, please click here.

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