Paid Internships

Spartanburg Water currently has five paid internships available. These internships offer hands-on experience from January - May 2024, 8-12 hours per week, in one of these areas: Fleet Services, Human Resources, Accounting, Watershed and Wastewater Treatment. 

Paid Internships

Spartanburg Water has seven paid internships available Summer 2024. These internships offer hands-on experience in the growing industry of water and wastewater. Interns gain insight into what the industry has to offer students currently studying in a community college or university. Internships are available from May-August 2024, 8-12 hours per week, in one of the following areas: Customer Experience, Fleet Services, Human Resources, Accounting, Watershed, Wastewater Treatment and Drinking Water Treatment. For details, click on the following internship descriptions: 

Drinking Water Treatment Internship

Garage Mechanic Internship

Human Resources Internship

Accounting Internship

Watershed Internship

Wastewater Treatment Internship

Customer Experience Internship

For more information on paid internships, reach out to Human Resources Specialist Darius Murry via email at or call (864) 580-5687.

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