Lake Blalock Permits and Agreements

Boat Permits

Spartanburg Water has established a specific boat permitting fee structure that governs the use of Lake Blalock. These fees have been adopted to ensure that all users of Lake Blalock understand the permitting and fees for the use of Lake Blalock. Please read the Spartanburg Water Summary of Boat Permitting /Fee Structure before participating in any activities on Lake Blalock.

To purchase a boat permit for Lake Blalock for the first time, call the Lake Blalock Warden's Office at (864) 578-5442, or you may call the Lake Bowen Warden's office at (864) 592-2240 for instructions on what you need to bring with you to purchase a boat permit.

Land Permits

Landowners adjoining Lake Blalock interested in obtaining access to buffer lands and lakefront areas are required to apply for a Landowner Access Agreement and pay an $11 fee. Landowner Access Agreements (LAA) are valid indefinitely, as long as the landowner remains as the current addressee and does not violate any policies and procedures outlined in the Lake Blalock Buffer Management Plan.

As such, the landowner does not need to reapply for a Landowner Access Agreement for any future permit application. For example, a landowner applies for a Landowner Access Agreement and a marine structures permit. Upon approval, the applicant pays the appropriate fees for both the Landowner Access Agreement and the marine structures permit. At some point in the future, the landowner may want to apply for another permit. Because a Landowner Access Agreement had already been previously granted, the landowner is not required to apply again for a Landowner Access Agreement, however, modifications to any structure like dock replacements, boat lifts, walkways, etc., must go through the normal permitting procedure each time a project or modification is requested by the landowner.

Combined Land Permit Application

Blalock-SWS Indemnity and Hold Harmless Agreement Related to Electric Wiring

Marine Structure Notification of Maintenance

Lake Blalock Land Access Agreement

Lake Blalock Land Access Agreement (Annotated)