Policies and Guidance

Lake Blalock Management Plan

Much of the landscape within and around Lake Blalock is rural. Although growth around the lake is expected to be minimal over the next 25 years, lakefront property development is expected to significantly increase. To prepare for lakefront growth, Spartanburg Water has developed a buffer management plan for Lake Blalock to provide bank stability, maintain wildlife habitat, and filter out runoff pollution.

Lake Blalock Buffer Management Plan

Recreational Rules and Regulations

Spartanburg Water has adopted specific rules and regulations that govern any recreational activities on Lake Blalock. These rules and regulations have been adopted to ensure that all users of Lake Blalock conduct their recreational activities in a safe and conscientious manner. Before participating in any recreational activities on Lake Blalock, please read the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Boating Regulations.


Spartanburg Water Lake Policy and Procedures


Additional Policy for Lake Blalock structures:

Lake Blalock Electrical Indemnity Agreement