Irrigation Meters: Installation and Maintenance

Irrigation Meters

An irrigation meter is a separate tap and meter connection that is installed to supply water for outdoor purposes, including lawn irrigation, swimming pools, gardening or greenhouses, and they may provide a cost benefit for customers connected to the public sewer system who use water for outdoor purposes.

What to Consider:

Because the water measured by the irrigation meter does not flow into the sewer system for treatment as wastewater, there are no sewer charges, requiring the customer to pay for only the water and the base charge for services. Irrigation meters may be subject to additional regulatory requirements for backflow prevention and annual testing. The costs for testing vary and are the sole responsibility of the customer.

Responsibilities and Maintenance:

The customer is responsible for installing and maintaining the line that connects the irrigation system or other plumbing system to the meter, but Spartanburg Water maintains responsibility for the installation and maintenance of the tap, meter and line from the water main to the meter site.

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