Repeal of Boil Water Advisory: New Cut Road Area Water System

Effective Date: 9/20/21 – 9:30 PM

To Spartanburg Water Customers on the following roads, as well as surrounding roads and developments:

• New Cut Rd. from Fairforest Rd. to Mitchell Rd.
• Mt. Zion Rd. from New Cut Rd. to Campground Rd. and Green Rd.
• Mitchell Rd. from Mt. Zion Rd. to Settle Rd.
• John Dodd Rd. from I-26 to Jordan Creek Farm Rd. and Russell Rd.
• Jordan Creek Rd. from John Dodd Rd. to Gibbs Rd.
• Campground Rd. from New Cut Rd. to Mt. Zion Rd.

A precautionary Boil Water Advisory was issued on 9/19/21. Spartanburg Water advises customers affected by the advisory that they no longer need to boil their water prior to drinking or cooking.

Maintenance activities have been completed. Bacteriological samples were collected and analyzed by Spartanburg Water’s South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control certified laboratory. The results of the sampling indicate that the water meets state and federal standards for safe drinking water.

Should you have any questions regarding this repeal, please contact Customer Service at 864-582-6375.

Billing and Service Fees

Billing and Service Fees

For questions regarding our rate and fee structure, or our billing cycle, please review the following information or contact Customer Service at (864) 582-6375.

  • Customer Service will work with anyone experiencing a valid hardship in paying a bill so that water service is not interrupted. There are also multiple local agencies that provide assistance to individuals and families who qualify. If you are in need of financial assistance with your water or sewer bill, call Customer Service at 864-582-6375 for more information.


All water accounts are billed monthly (approximately 30 days).


Current charges are payable within 25 days of the bill date. (Due dates may fall on weekends or holidays). For unpaid account balances as of the next bill date, a late charge of $1.50 plus 1.5% of the water balance will apply.


Unpaid charges as of the next bill date will be shown on the bill as a past due balance. Customers are notified of the last day to pay the past due balance to avoid service disconnection for nonpayment status, 12 days after the next bill date. There will not be a separately mailed Past Due Notice. Spartanburg Water will attempt a final notification by phone, text, and email for customers that provide us with their current contact information.


The last date to pay the Past Due balance will be shown on the bill. After this date, a non-payment service charge of $35 will be added to the account and service is subject to disconnection.


For customers that provide Spartanburg Water with up-to-date information for phone, text and email messages, Spartanburg Water will attempt a final notification at least two days prior to the Past Due balance due date.

Customer Service Fees

  • New Account Fee - $30
  • Returned Check Charge - $25

Non-Payment Service Fees

  • Non-payment fee - $35
  • Lock meter charge - $20
  • Meter block/removal fee - $45
  • Tampering fee - $145*
  • (*Plus cost of damaged equipment)
  • After-hours turn on fee - $30


Unpaid Account Balances

  • Late charge - $1.50
  • Additionally, 1.5% of the water balance will apply 

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