Repeal of Boil Water Advisory: New Cut Road Area Water System

Effective Date: 9/20/21 – 9:30 PM

To Spartanburg Water Customers on the following roads, as well as surrounding roads and developments:

• New Cut Rd. from Fairforest Rd. to Mitchell Rd.
• Mt. Zion Rd. from New Cut Rd. to Campground Rd. and Green Rd.
• Mitchell Rd. from Mt. Zion Rd. to Settle Rd.
• John Dodd Rd. from I-26 to Jordan Creek Farm Rd. and Russell Rd.
• Jordan Creek Rd. from John Dodd Rd. to Gibbs Rd.
• Campground Rd. from New Cut Rd. to Mt. Zion Rd.

A precautionary Boil Water Advisory was issued on 9/19/21. Spartanburg Water advises customers affected by the advisory that they no longer need to boil their water prior to drinking or cooking.

Maintenance activities have been completed. Bacteriological samples were collected and analyzed by Spartanburg Water’s South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control certified laboratory. The results of the sampling indicate that the water meets state and federal standards for safe drinking water.

Should you have any questions regarding this repeal, please contact Customer Service at 864-582-6375.

Native Plants and Shoreline Stabilization 

Information and resources to assist with the permit process for planting and shoreline stablization on Spartanburg Water System property.

Native Plants and Shoreline Stabilization Guidance

Native Plants

As part of our commitment to preserving the natural vegetation found around our reservoirs, please use our guidance for the native plants that can be planted on Spartanburg Water System-owned property with the proper permit.

Shoreline Stabilization

Adjoining Lake Bowen and Lake Blalock property owners may reach out to Spartanburg Water System for assistance in assessing the need for permitted shoreline stabilization. Please review our guide for protecting the banks of our reservoirs.


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