Get free ice with the ICE2U app!

ICE2U app

Now you can get more from your ice purchases by using the new ICE2U mobile app. With ICE2U, you can start putting your ice purchases to work and take advantage of free ice.                          

Three ways to get free ice:

  • Sign up and confirm your email: get a free bag!
  • Load the app with the first $20: get a free bag!
  • Buy 10 bags: get a free bag!

Go to the app now store now on your Apple iphone or the Google Play app on your Android device. OR click the QR code:

Sign up incentives: Sign up and confirm your email for a free bag of ice, and connect your credit card and load the app with $20 for another free bag.

Loyalty: Earn loyalty points with every purchase, and get a free bag with every 10 bags purchased.

Coupons and promotions: Download the app to become eligible for future promotions and to receive and use coupons.

Find Ice Near You

With 12 local and over 3,300 Twice the Ice locations worldwide, there’s a location near you.

How to use the app:

  • Click Locations.
  • Use the app to find your nearest Spartanburg Water Twice the Ice machine.
  • Once you've reached your chosen location, click "Vend Now" for your ice. Quick and Easy!

Get more features

The ICE2U app gives you more features to help your business or simplify your daily routine.

When you connect a credit or debit card to the app, you can take advantage of touchless vending to maximize sanitation and cleanliness.

Use the app to get your receipt straight to your email, so you can simplify your accounting process.

  • Go cashless and pay with a touch of your phone
  • Cashless means touchless and sanitary, helping you, your customers, and other patrons 
  • Get your receipt sent straight to your email
  • Access instructions and tutorials

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