Healthy Lakes equal Great Drinking Water

It’s a simple message, and the path to success—of realizing Spartanburg Water’s goal to protect our precious natural resources—is equally simple, as well.

In fact, we can sum it one easy phrase: Simple acts can make great impacts.

Whether we enjoy our lakes from the vantage point of a picture window in a waterfront home, or from a dock for fishing and catching a few rays of sunshine, or even with the help of a motorboat, kayak or jet-ski, we must never forget their primary purpose. Lake Bowen and Lake Blalock are drinking water reservoirs.

But we can’t do it alone. As part of our effort to share that the message that Healthy Lakes equal Great Drinking Water, you’ll continue to receive updates from our watershed team about our efforts. As our partner in the protection and preservation of our lakes, we believe that an open dialogue with you, as property owners in the watershed, is vitally important to our continued success. To read and download our Healthy Lakes Newsletter begun in November 2017, go here.