Water Treatment Plant Operator I

Water Treatment Plant Operator I

Spartanburg, SC



Under general supervision, assists in operating the surface water treatment facility and associated equipment/facilities. Reports to Lead Operator.


1.      Have a general understanding of how shift duties are properly executed. Must be able to demonstrate proper log book entries, accurate documentation of plant checks, and be able to conduct an end of shift review with the assistance of the operator of record or higher level supervisor. Should know where to locate various operational records/reports and have a good understanding of the information contained in them and why those records are maintained.

2.      Have knowledge of the location and operations of the intake structure and what equipment is located there. Have basic understanding of the flow through the treatment process. Know where the various tanks are located throughout the facility, which substances are contained within them and have an understanding as to what purpose they serve.

3.      Must be able to start/ stop/ adjust High Service Pumps with the assistance of the operator of record or higher supervision. Must be able to recognize normal and abnormal operation of pumps and motors through an inspection process and be able to report findings to appropriate personnel. Have knowledge of High Service Pump capacities and their function in delivering the appropriate quantity of water to the system.

4.      Know where all chemical feed points are located. Know storage and feed characteristics of all chemicals. Know how to operate the systems to ensure the proper amount of treatment chemicals and records amount of chemicals added to water; sets chlorine dose and checks for residual chlorine with assistance of operator of record or higher level of supervision.

5.      Must be able to perform all applicable laboratory analysis. Must be able to complete all necessary laboratory recordkeeping tasks with the assistance of an operator of record or higher level of supervision. Must have knowledge and be able to perform all sampling requirements, including bacteriological sampling procedures

6.      Is familiar with procedure to wash filters ensuring correct flow of water through filter; records any necessary service information on appropriate records. Has an understanding of the filter surveillance process. Know regulatory requirements for the operation of the filter including allowable rate of flow and filter turbidity limits.

7.      Monitors operation of basins and checks for proper mixing of chemicals with water; monitors basin filling, draining and appropriate levels; takes jar samples and flushes accumulated sludge from basins. Assist in washing basins as necessary. Understands proper function and operation of automatic sludge collection equipment and is able to recognize any equipment function anomalies. Ensures that operational issues identified are reported upward.

8.      Monitors power house operation and takes appropriate action during any power outages; locates and operates valves in plant and pipeline system in emergency situations with assistance.

9.      Assists in operating and monitoring the hydroelectric and diesel generators with assistance from the operator of record or higher level of supervision.

10.  Answers telephone and two-way radio and routes messages to appropriate personnel.

11.  Know location and function of raw water control valve to deliver proper amount of water to plant to meet demands. Demonstrate operation of valves with assistance of operator of record or higher level of supervision.

12.  Observes and records weather data from U.S. Weather Bureau substation with assistance.

13.  Assists operational personnel when necessary.

14.  Makes visual inspection of equipment and grounds ensuring plant security; assists with maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment and is responsible for assigned vehicle. Understands how to generate work order requests appropriately in work order system.

15.  Must know all cleaning requirements and be able to perform all cleaning tasks with little or no supervision.

16.  Uses SCADA System to monitor and control plant distribution system with assistance. Make appropriate notification of SCADA alarms.

17.  Must have a basic understanding of what is monitored in the distribution system and know who to contact in the event of alarm conditions.

18.  Inspects/calibrates water quality monitoring instrumentation, Streaming Current Monitor, turbidimeters, ph., flow transmitters, pressure transmitters, feed machines/pumps, Cl2 analyzers, fluoride analyzer, and associated Water Quality Monitoring equipment with assistance.

19.  Understands the function and operation of the residual handling area and performs operational tasks as directed in accordance with standard operating procedures with assistance of the Residuals Operator, operator of record or higher level of supervision.

20.  Performs preventative maintenance on plant equipment with assistance.

21.  Performs other related duties as required.


High school graduate with course work in chemistry or related subjects or any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities. Some knowledge of the function and servicing requirements of mechanical equipment is required. Must possess a valid driver's license. Must obtain certification in Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED. Must obtain a "D" Water Treatment Operator's Certificate within two years of employment. Must successfully complete required continuing education courses to meet requirements of Environmental Certification Board. Must be willing to work any shift requested by supervisor.

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