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Team Member

Spartanburg, SC

1. Performs various tasks associated with the installation, maintenance and/or repair of collection and/or distribution system infrastructure, roadways and sidewalks, etc.; Specific duties will be assigned according to company needs and/or employee knowledge and abilities.
2. Performs the installation, maintenance, cleaning, repair and/or replacement of system components such as water mains and accessories, service lines, backflow devices, pipe, fire hydrants and hydrant extensions, new service taps, manholes, meter boxes, meters and appurtenances, air/vacuum valves, etc.
3. Exercises valves within the distribution system to help ensure their proper operation; performs minor maintenance including valve box clean-out, changing out operating nuts, adjusting valve box/manhole grade, etc.
4. Performs above-ground physicals on collection system rights-of-way and larger diameter water lines, verifying proper operation of air/vacuum valves, location of manholes, valve boxes, blow-off, etc., and does minor repairs as needed.
5. Flushes and/or monitors hydrants as part of the flushing program or as a response to customer complaints. Makes minor repairs to hydrants, such as painting, replacing caps, etc.
6. Cleans collection system lines as part of the preventive maintenance program and in response to stoppages, using combination truck or other approved methods.
7. Installs flow monitoring equipment to identify potential infiltration and inflow sources.
8. Performs CCTV of collection system lines due to emergencies or as preventive maintenance.
9. May perform the maintenance and repair of streets, sidewalks and curb sections, excavated areas, etc.
10. Loads and unloads materials for transport to and from the shop and job sites; relocates traffic plates and other materials/equipment to and from the shop and job sites as required.
11. Operates and maintains various types of equipment and tools, which may include a wacker tamp, service truck, tractors, trencher, asphalt roller, loader, jet rodder, cement mixer, air compressors, boring machine, pumps, jack hammer, tapping machine, pipe cutters, metal detector, pipe locator, pressure gauges, hammerhead moles, leak detectors, jet truck, meter cut-off tools, various cleaning apparatus, diagnostic tools, carpentry tools, plumbing tools, mechanic's tools, various other hand and power tools, etc.
12. Controls traffic at job site as needed.
13. Performs backfilling, grading and excavation as necessary.
14. Digs holes and trenches as needed.
15. May locate water mains, service and utility lines, valves, etc., as required.
16. Verifies existing utility conflicts by post holing.
17. Observes collection/distribution system infrastructure for leaks, sanitary sewer overflows and other problems.
18. May form, pour and finish concrete and apply asphalt as needed.
19. May perform minor carpentry and painting work as needed.
20. May read water meters.
21. Observes prescribed safety rules in the performance of activities and uses safety gear as required.
22. Performs duties and responsibilities as necessary on an on-call basis after the normal shift has ended.
23. Performs related duties as required. 

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Benefits: Medical Insurance, Life Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Paid Vacation, Paid Sick Days, Paid Holidays, Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability

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