Summer Lake Attendants

Summer Lake Attendants

Inman, SC

Job Skills / Requirements

Under direct supervision, performs general maintenance and clean-up work on grounds, buildings, docks and other areas of the Spartanburg Water System lakes. Assists Wardens in enforcing watercraft permits, parking, traffic control, and park capacity.  

Cleans and performs general janitorial duties at lake offices, concession areas, bathrooms and surrounding grounds.

Performs grounds maintenance at assigned SWS properties, including picking up litter and emptying trash cans.

Assists Wardens with hauling, loading, unloading boats, turning and backing trailers.

Washes, cleans and polishes assigned vehicles, boats and equipment. Assists with routine maintenance of docks, buildings, public picnic facilities, storage buildings and other SWS structures.

Assists Wardens with emergencies around lakes as needed. Works as Maintenance Worker when assigned.

Assists other SWS personnel with visual inspections of dams, reservoirs or other SWS facilities; provides back-up person for safety.

Attends department and group meetings for training, information and dissemination of information.

Receives and reviews MSDS, memos, delivery receipts, structure agreements, instruction manuals, monies, etc.

Communicates and interacts effectively with supervisor, co-workers, customers, wildlife officers, SCHDEC representatives, lake residents, delivery personnel, etc.

Performs other related duties as required.

You must be 17 years of age or older.

Work Weekends & Holidays. 7:30a.m - 6p.m 4/27/24 - 9/15/24


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