Project Engineer/Engineering Associate

Spartanburg, SC


  1. Reviews plans and specifications developed by consulting engineers in order to ensure compliance with relative regulations and standards; reviews title search information in order to obtain project right of way and property purchases. Tracks and/or manages developer, in-house and participation projects from design to finished working product.
  2. Drafts ownership and service agreements, preliminary engineering reports, water and sewer availability letters, meets with potential customers in order to discuss relative matters; drafts agenda items and permit applications.
  3. Provides in-house design for existing distribution and collection system extensions, repairs, upgrades, maintenance, etc. Utilizes appropriate office equipment in preparation of water and sewer designs. Prepares cost estimates for both water and sewer projects. Prepares service population projections, estimates water needs and wastewater discharge projections, reviews inflow and infiltration studies, and prepares maps and visual aids.
  4. Interacts professionally with consulting engineers, technicians, operations personnel, maintenance staff, customers, accounting department, etc.; communicates with Engineering department personnel in order to discuss applicable fees and charges, right-of-ways, project design, inspection reports, etc.           ·
  5. Assists with regulatory permitting process by preparing and submitting permit application packages to applicable regulating authority.
  6. Interacts with S. C. Department of Health and Environmental Control, Spartanburg County, S. C. Highway Department, Railroads, and other utilities and governmental agencies relative to permits and rights of way required.
  7. Conducts performance appraisals of subordinate staff and makes salary recommendations as appropriate; administers disciplinary actions as needed; approves vacation leave; interviews, selects and hires new employees; handles personnel related problems.
  8. Reviews staff prepared studies, hydraulic models, draft letters, cost estimates, design drawings, specifications, preliminary layout plans, etc., to ensure accuracy and provide guidance, direction, suggestions, etc.
  9. Directs departmental staff and consultants in the design of water pipelines, sewer collection and treatment facilities.
  10. Is on call for emergency situations.
  11. Performs other related duties as required.

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