Grease Control Technician

Spartanburg, SC



  1. Ensures compliance of SSSD's Grease Control Program and Sanitary Sewer Use Rules and Regulations.


  1. Inspect FSE's including visually inspecting grease traps, checking security, and reviewing records.


  1. Conducts investigations in coordination with other departments and customers.


  1. Communicates with FSE's verbally, electronically and in writing.


  1. Checks and sends email to maintain correspondence with other employees and customers.


  1. Contacts customers to set up inspections dates and assists with answering Grease Control Program related questions.


  1. Under supervision of the Compliance Manager, plan daily inspections based on inspection needs.


  1. Updates inspection database and maintains records. Works closely with the WWT Septage/Grease Receiving Technician and WWT administrative Assistant in tracking FSE compliance.


  1. Enters inspection data into grease control program database.


  1. Interacts with customers on a day to day basis.


  1. Communicates importance of grease control program to customers.


  1. Reviews Grease Trap Plan submittals for approval.


  1. Communicates (orally/in writing) with managers, employees, and external customers.


  1. Assists with educational presentations and seminars.


  1. Develops and distributes educational information packets on how to properly dispose oil and grease


  1. Educates and informs customers of inspection policies and program requirements.


  1. Documents FSE's inspections with digital camera for record-keeping.


  1. Performs other related duties as required.



Requires a High School Diploma/GED (4-year college degree preferred). Minimum two years’ experience in a wastewater related field. Moderate knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and Power Point. Basic knowledge of kitchen equipment and its relation to grease traps. Must possess a valid driver’s license.

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