Environmental Sampling Technician (Lab Services)

Environmental Sampling Technician

Spartanburg, SC

  1. Responsible for Collection of routine water and compliance wastewater samples in accordance with permit requirements. Is responsible for ensuring permit required samples are collected. Utilizing grab and composite sampling techniques. Samples water from rivers, streams, local watersheds, reservoirs, new and rehabilitated pipelines, distribution system, water and wastewater plant locations Responsible for setting composite samples proportional for Time proportional and flow proportional composite sampling; Cleans sample units for routine and preventative maintenance and prepares for re-use as required; demonstrates proper sampling techniques for National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permits and Safe Drinking Water Act related parameters; collects samples from the distribution systems, treatment facilities, and lakes. Utilizes time management to perform daily task and free time to perform task as such as cleaning sampling equipment, cleaning coolers, replacing tubbing at waste water treatment facilities, daily NH3n bottle preservation, and other task in a timely manner without direct supervision Employees are required to drive to and from sampling Work includes preparing sample bottles for field work, including specialized cleaning, adding required chemical preservatives, labeling and organizing into coolers and other subcontract shipping. Ensuring that samples are valid and representative, based upon departmental sampling program
  2. Assists Field Coordinator (or designee) to locate industrial sampling points and other regulatory sample sites; assists in collecting representative samples from industrial discharge sites in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sampling protocols as outlined in the company's Industrial Discharge Permits; collects and preserves samples for analysis; collects samples in accordance with proper procedures outlined by the company, SC Department of Health and Environmental Control and EPA including proper chain of custody.
  3. Demonstrates and maintains proper sampling techniques for related parameters; utilizes dissolved oxygen meter; utilizes pH meter in order to measure hydrogen ion samples; and performs chlorine residual tests. Monitors and tracks water distribution blow offs for water quality and unaccounted for
  4. Performs routine Daily Calibrations Of pH Meters Chlorine Meters, Preparation of Chlorine Standards for Calibration of LOO Meter for routine Field measurements for pH, chlorine residual, dissolved oxygen, and temperature. Performs calibration of these instruments using Spartanburg Water Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with proper documentation.
  5. Completes and maintains required sampling records and reports; reads water and wastewater flow meters; records data as required; checks for record completeness, proper sample collection, and prepares samples for shipping purposes which includes preparation of chain of custody reports. Utilizes Laboratory Information Management System to properly collect, label and track daily, weekly and monthly samples for compliance and other
  6. Performs Weekly Cleaning Of Sample Coolers Properly cleans and prepares field sampling containers, including acid cleaning, sterilization, and other general lab techniques for cleaning field containers.
  7. Ensures Composite Sampling Set Up Is Performed Properly Including Sampler Calibration, Replacement Of Sampling Tubbing Using Fresh Clean Tubbing And Sampler Strainer Placement Is Correct And Free Of Debris And Working Properly When Setting Up Routine Composite Samples
  8. Practices good housekeeping by maintaining neat and clean work areas including company van.
  9. Ensures laboratory vehicle is maintained in proper working condition which includes such routine maintenance duties as checking the oil, washing the interior and exterior, checking and inflating tires as necessary, etc. Correctly completes the proper documentation for vehicle
  10. Communicates in an effective manner with supervisor regarding deficiencies, anomalies or problems at sampling locations, Reports Injury's
  11. Utilizes various types of machinery, tools, and equipment such as an ISCO sampler, calculator, communications equipment, O. meter, pH meter, chlorine meter and other field instrumentation as needed.
  12. Performs other related duties as
  13. Provide Emergency Response On-Call: Participate in after-hours on-call duty requiring working after normal hours and during holidays to resolve emergency situations, Such as Line Breaks, Customer Complaints, Sampler Issues, Special Sampling Etc.

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