Watercraft Permits

Information on obtaining watercraft permits for Lake Bowen and Lake Blalock. 

Watercraft Permits

Spartanburg Water System has established a specific watercraft permitting fee structure for both Lake Bowen and Lake Blalock, as well as guidelines for the specific watercraft allowed on each reservoir. Please note that no watercraft of any kind is allowed for permitting on Municipal Reservoir #1.

Permits can be purchased for seasonal or daily use, and fees are based on horsepower and residence. 

In addition to your Spartanburg Water permit, you will also need a state registration from SCDNR. 

To purchase a watercraft permit for the first time at either reservoir or for questions:

Lake Bowen Warden’s Office - (864) 592-2240

Lake Blalock Warden's Office - (864) 578-5442 

Important Reminders for Watercraft Permits

Important Reminders for Watercraft Permits

  • - State registrations must be renewed annually.
  • - Any new watercraft - or watercraft that have undergone mechanical changes by adding a new or modified motor - must be inspected by a lake warden before a permit is issued.
  • - Inspections take place at the wardens' office and cannot be performed on the water.
  • - Inspections will cover necessary checks for horsepower and motor restrictions, as well as equipment required by state law to be on board.

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