Industrial Pretreatment 

Industrial Pretreatment

Spartanburg Water has developed its pretreatment program based on the federal, state and local requirements to protect our customers, sewer system, and receiving streams.

  • For more information, contact the Industrial Pretreatment Program at (864) 598-7297.
  • What is the Industrial Pretreatment Program?

    The Industrial Pretreatment Program is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) program used for over 30 years to prevent pollutants that may be discharged from industrial and commercial sources from causing inhibition, interference and detriment to sewer systems and reclaimed water facilities throughout the United States; the primary goal of the program is to eliminate pollution that may be harmful to our streams, lakes, rivers, and oceans. Spartanburg Water has developed its pretreatment program based on the federal, state and local requirements that uniquely protect our customers, our sewer system, and our receiving streams.

  • I am considering opening/moving my business to Spartanburg. Who should I contact?

    Contact the Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce, and the chamber will provide detailed information you will need concerning the area. If Spartanburg Water can be of assistance, your first step should be to contact our Customer Service team. Customer Service can provide information to you if we will be your provider for water and/or sewer services and determine how we may be involved with your planned opening or move to Spartanburg. Once Customer Service has assessed your needs, we will assist you.

  • Do I need an industrial pretreatment permit?
    • If your business discharges wastewater other than restroom wastewater, boiler blowdown, and/or cooling water, you will need to be evaluated on whether or not an industrial wastewater permit will be needed.
    • The EPA has established requirements that determine if a wastewater discharge permit is required. This includes the following:
    • Is there a discharge of ≥ 25,000 gallons per day of process wastewater?
    • Will your discharge make up at least five percent of the dry weather flow or loading at the local reclaimed water treatment plant?
    • Is your business governed by EPA pretreatment categorical regulations?
    • Could your discharge have a potential impact on the reclaimed water treatment plant?

    If your business meets any of the above criteria then it may be considered a significant industrial user, therefore an industrial wastewater permit must be issued. If your business is governed by EPA categorical regulations your business will be a categorical industrial user and an industrial wastewater permit will be issued. Please contact our office if you have questions concerning these criteria in relation to your business plans at (864) 582-3250.

    Spartanburg Water also has established a locally governed authorization program for industrial users which may have some potential impact on the wastewater system. In this situation our local office may issue an industry an authorization to discharge wastewater; this authorization may require specific wastewater analyses and requirements that must be met to discharge into the sewer system.

  • How do I get a permit?

    If your business is determined to need an industrial pretreatment permit, you will be asked to complete our survey forms.

    These forms request both general and specific information concerning your business and should be completed as thoroughly as possible.

  • What are the permit's requirements?

    Each permit issued to an industrial user is based on that particular business. A permit may also be tailored to a business based on whether or not it falls under an EPA pretreatment category. The information provided and verified within the industrial wastewater survey forms completed by the business are the primary documents that will be used to determine what will be contained within the permit.

    The permit writer must consider the factors such as the wastewater treatment facility’s ability to adequately treat a business’s waste stream without causing negative impacts to our receiving streams, the impact a business’s wastewater discharge may have on our workers' safety, our collection system, and treatment works. There are general requirements that apply to all businesses that discharge into the sewer system, however, there may be some special requirements or conditions based on your type of business and its wastewater discharge. The permit will list numerical limitations for parameters of concern that may be discharged by your business along with self-monitoring requirements. Failure to comply with the permit requirements or conditions may result in enforcement.

  • Are there fees associated with the permit?

    There are monthly administrative charges associated with being permitted, along with laboratory testing costs and surcharge fees for high strength wastewater.

  • What are the administrative charge and surcharge rates associated with Industrial Pretreatment Program?
  • I will need to install a pretreatment system to treat the wastewater discharged from my business prior to discharging it into the sewer system, who should I contact?

    If you will be installing a pretreatment system prior to discharging any wastewater into the sewer system, you are required to contact South Carolina Department of Environmental Health and Control (SCDHEC) to understand the agency’s requirements. SCDHEC’s Wastewater Construction Permit Program will need to be contacted. “State law and regulation require submission of plans and specifications and a written permit before a wastewater system may be constructed or modified. Wastewater systems regulated by the Department include sewer lines, wastewater pretreatment facilities and sludge handling and treatment facilities.” Spartanburg Water should also be included in any treatment system plans pertaining to any businesses that will be discharging into the sewer system.




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