319 Grant Projects

319 Grant Projects

319 Grants are awarded to fund projects that are intended to help reduce pollutants in an area of a watershed that will help lead to measurable water quality improvements. The grants are funded from an annual grant allocation from the EPA under Section 319(h) of the Clean Water Act.

Lake Bowen Shoreline Stabilization Project

Spartanburg Water will begin the first phase of a multi-phase project to stabilize the shoreline along Lake Bowen at the Lake Bowen Park the first week of June 2023. The project is part of a 319 Grant awarded by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC).

Using native plant species, the project will address shoreline erosion and impervious surface run-off that can negatively impact Lake Bowen as a drinking water reservoir. Plants serve as a natural filter and barrier to keep excess nutrients in soil from entering the reservoir.

The Lake Bowen Park will remain open throughout the project, which is expected to last through August. Monday through Friday.  Some parking spaces in the peninsula loop will be blocked off, but will re-open on weekends.

Residents with questions are invited to reach out to the Spartanburg Water watershed staff and lake wardens at the Lake Bowen Park office – (864) 592-2240.

Filterra © Bioretention Tree Boxes

As part of the shoreline stabilization project, five, Filterra © Bioretention Tree Boxes to help mitigate stormwater impacts. 

Stormwater Outfalls Projects

Storm drainage culvert pipes are a primary cause of concern because they directly channel stormwater into Lake Bowen. As part of a 319 Grant project, several stormwater outfall improvement projects were implemented to address several areas that discharge into the Lake Bowen Drinking Water reservoir. Some of the outfalls are located within SWS property; others are immediately upstream of the SWS property with direct discharge to a channel that flows to the lake, or to a cove at the periphery of the lake. The Best Management Practices (BMPs) include installing stone rip-rap swales and stilling basins. The BMPs are designed to reduce stormwater laden sediment discharging into Lake Bowen.

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