Fresh Ice from Spartanburg Water

After almost a decade of providing fresh filtered ice and water to Spartanburg, we have a new look. Nine of our twelve Ice Houses were recently refurbished and you will soon notice that all of our locations reflect this new look. Since we established our first Ice House in 2008, Spartanburg Water has provided over 2.25 million gallons of water in the form of ice to various Spartanburg County communities. That is about 18 million pounds of ice sold!

Consumers appreciate no longer being tied to costly packaged ice and water delivery or temperamental in-house ice-making machines. Those consumers don’t have to accept stale ice that has passed through many hands before it reaches their storerooms, cups or coolers. You can purchase and enjoy fresh ice, on demand, at convenient locations at a value that keeps people coming back.

We’re just selling the water that we already produce at a lower temperature. This program allows us to balance the rising costs of providing clean, safe water, and the bonus for our community is access to ice day or night, similar to the convenience of an ATM. All of our Ice Houses offer a debit/credit card reader, so cash is not required.

Our partnership with Ice House America provides Spartanburg Water with state-of-the-art ice vending technology that delivers ice on demand that is fresh, clean (never touched by human hands) and green (made on site) – at a price that keeps consumers returning for more.

The whole idea behind bagged ice is convenience. Just as important to us are the clean and green factors. Our ice is made from locally produced water, so users can be assured of the source and feel good knowing that their ice didn’t burn more fuel or put more trucks on the road.

Beyond recreational uses, the ice will also come in handy during natural disasters or for emergency responders or construction crews working in the heat. Around the house, it can help keep drinks cold and food preserved. In an emergency, the ice can even be used to help lower a high temperature. And all of this comes with vending machine convenience, ready when needed.