Water Matters

Water is not a dry subject. Let us tell you why. Water Matters Citizens’ Academy is an interactive program that provides the opportunity to get an inside look at Spartanburg Water.

Water Matters includes a wide variety of hands-on activities, tours of our award-winning facilities and reservoirs, as well as presentations of new and innovative projects by our experienced team.
Our final session on October 23 includes a graduation ceremony to celebrate your achievement. Most sessions will be held in the downtown Spartanburg County Library Barrett Room. A light dinner is served at 5:30 p.m. each week.

Although the Class of 2018 has been selected, consider applying Summer 2019 for the next class.

This six-week, interactive series that provides you with answers to these critical questions about your water supply:

  • Where does my water come from? September 18
  • How safe is my water? September 25
  • How are our rivers kept clean? October 2
  • How does my water get to and from my home? October 9
  • How does my utility plan for the future? October 16
  • What role does water play in the community? graduation, October 23

There is also a field trip to our Fairforest Reclaimed Water Treatment Plant, R.B. Simms Water Treatment Plant and Lake Blalock Dam.