Spartanburg Water has been committed to providing water to the community for nearly 130 years. A strong emphasis has always been placed on a strategic plan that will continue to ensure the delivery of clean water, and that promise extends back to the founding of the original water works in 1887.

We are proud of the history and commitment of Spartanburg Water, and invite and encourage you to learn more about your water, its sources, its past and its strong future. In this section, you will find information about our service area and water sources, the replacement of aging water infrastructure, and water quality, including a link to our most recent water quality report.

In 1964, we published an annual report entitled "Planning Bountiful Pure Water for Tomorrow's Needs," which contained the following passage:

"Of all the gifts which mankind has found upon this earth, and made use of, water is, without question, the most necessary. Often taken for granted by people who live among a plentiful supply--in many areas of the world, water is more precious than gems.

"We, in the Spartanburg area, should be especially thankful that water has never been, and, we trust, never shall be, a problem. Our supply is plentiful, our planning is thoughtful and our needs are anticipated. There will always be healthful water for our families and children, for our industries, for the thousands of daily uses ..."