Employee volunteers collect nearly 17,000 pounds of trash around drinking water reservoirs

October 28, 2019.

16,915 pounds! That’s how much trash our teams collected around all three drinking water reservoirs – Lake Bowen, Lake Blalock, and Municipal Reservoir #1 – during Spartanburg Water’s Watershed Work Days event. This event is part of the water system’s annual clean-up initiative and dedication to maintaining a healthy watershed. Following the cancellation of Lake Sweep in both 2017 and 2018 due to inclement weather from hurricanes both years, our employees stepped up and staffed the two-day event.

You won’t believe some of the items we found: toilets, tires, TVs, mattresses, a stove, a safe, a cattle gate – even a baby carriage!

Nearly 100 Spartanburg Water employees volunteered their time to participate in the two-day reservoir cleanup effort, held on October 16 and 17, 2019. The crews braved the rain on Wednesday and the cold on Thursday to collect nearly 17,000 pounds of garbage.

The work done during Watershed Work Days is a true testament to how much our employees care about both water quality and community. They work hard every day to provide clean, quality water to Spartanburg and the surrounding area, and the event was just one more way for our staff to exemplify their commitment to protecting public health.

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