We have a winner!

July 13, 2017.

It’s been a difficult decision. With more than 1,200 entries submitted for the Name Our Penguin contest, it seems like we received every possible name you can think of, from ordinary, like Bob and Bill, to penguin-specific Waddles, Fancy Flippers and Eazy Freezy. Our committee debated for two days over what to name the penguin who will be center of the campaign to rebrand our Ice Houses. Finally, a decision was made: Percy Shivers.

Percy Shivers is original, its “icy sounding,” and it goes well with “penguin.” Percy Shivers the Penguin! Andrea Switzer and her 4-year-old son, Jack, came up with the name together. They entered the contest on Facebook and picked up their Yeti cooler and a plush penguin at our Union Street Ice House this morning. Jack was bashful when it came time to take his picture, but once the camera was put away, hehugged Percy and told him he loved him.

Andrea said with seven children and no automatic icemaker, she buys all her ice from our Ice Houses. A lot of Spartanburg residents don’t realize Spartanburg Water has twelve ice houses placed strategically around the county to provide ice and fresh-filtered water 24/7. We began our partnership with Twice the Ice in 2008 and since that time we’ve provided well over 18 million pounds of ice. That’s more than 2.25 million gallons of water, just at a lower temperature. All the revenue from our Ice Houses is put into replacing aging infrastructure, some over a century old.

Percy Shivers. Great name. Great ice!


To see where our Ice Houses are located, click here.

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