Connecting Our Future: Tackling Mobility in the Upstate

March 2, 2018

By Sue G. Schneider, Chair, Ten at the Top

Please go on a quick journey with me: Just imagine that for every second it takes to read the first paragraph of this letter, a cherry-red Tesla Roadster is moving seven miles closer to the asteroid belt in a thousand-year voyage to a new horizon. But th… READ MORE +

Harper Corporation chooses Habitat home construction to impact community

February 19, 2018

Harper Corporation employees recently spent a chilly day working on a new Habitat for Humanity Spartanburg home under construction in the Drayton Mills Community. Harper chose the project as the recipient of their Community Benefit Program donation, a natural fit for a construction company.


Community Benefit Program grows in impact in 2017

January 12, 2018

Since the program's beginning in 2016, Spartanburg Water's Community Benefit Program has supported Spartanburg nonprofits to the tune of $61,000 in donations, goods and services. The program grew in 2017 to 14 vendors donating time, energy and funds to 13 nonprofits, in excess of $14,795. Donations … READ MORE +

Holidays are still work days for many Spartanburg Water team members

December 27, 2017

Spartanburg Water believes great people make great water. In fact, it's an important part of our new "Great Water" campaign. Our commitment to exceptional water quality does not change when holidays roll around. Drinking water treatment plant operators perform over 175 water quality analyses every d… READ MORE +

12 Days of Coffee giveaway celebrates great water

December 12, 2017

Our team members come to work every day prepared to do an important job for our community: provide healthy, great-tasting tap water and return clean, safely-treated reclaimed water to our streams.

Great People make Great Water.

We are now launching a new phase of our Great Water campaign, “Gre… READ MORE +

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