Out with the Old and in with New: The Importance of Fire Hydrant Flushing

November 14, 2017

Hydrant flushing is a part of routine maintenance for Spartanburg Water and all utility companies across the nation in order to meet drinking water standards. Initially, it may appear that we are contradicting our push to conserve water and eliminate unnecessary waste, but hydrant flushing is not a … READ MORE +

Hazen and Sawyer invest in our community through important program

November 6, 2017

Every corporate commitment to the United Way makes an impact on our community, says Monica Greene, United Way of the Piedmont Vice President of Resource Development. A recent gift by Hazen and Sawyer technical firm through participation in Spartanburg Water's innovative Community Benefit Program dir… READ MORE +

Hulsey McCormick & Wallace teams up with Miracle Hill to impact some of Spartanburg’s most vulnerable

September 22, 2017

Spartanburg Rescue Mission is an important component of Miracle Hill Ministries, a Greenville-based nonprofit. All of the ministries depend on donations, much of it from longtime partners. A recent monetary donation came from Hulsey McCormick & Wallace Engineering through Spartanburg Water’s Communi… READ MORE +

The Unseen Underground: Story of the Pipe

September 13, 2017

Everyone has needed water since the beginning of time. It is essential for life to exist. Spartanburg Water has been in existence since 1887, and many of the pipes installed then were made to last 100 years. Some of those original pipes are still in use today. Over the past few years, Spartanburg Wa… READ MORE +

Keeping your reusable water bottle clean

August 31, 2017

By Chris Wiant, M.P.H., Ph.D.

The reusable water bottle is one of those “grab and go” items that travel with many of us on a daily basis. The filled water bottle provides a handy means of hydrating on the spot. As we’ve noted, many water fountains now conveniently include water bottle-filling fea… READ MORE +

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