Spartanburg Sanitary Sewer District Receives WEASC Pretreatment Excellence Award

January, 2, 2020

Spartanburg Sanitary Sewer District (SSSD) was recently honored by the Water Environment Association of South Carolina (WEASC) as the recipient of the WEASC Pretreatment Excellence Award for 2019. 
This award recognizes the commitment of SSSD to the protection and improvement of the quality of South Carolina waters through exceptional wastewater pretreatment implementation and enforcement, while providing exemplary service to their customers and promoting public health and well-being.  
It also serves to bring public awareness and support to the control of pollution, the protection of wastewater infrastructure, the beneficial use of effluents and biosolids and the protection of the health and safety of wastewater treatment facility workers. 
SSSD was selected for the award by an Awards Committee comprised of pretreatment experts from the SCDHEC Bureau of Water and the WEASC Industrial Committee.  
Created in 1929, SSSD currently serves a population of more than 200,000 water and sewer customers in an around Spartanburg County, with District boundaries that include more than 215 square miles. SSSD currently operates eight regional wastewater treatment facilities, 77 pump stations and 1,022 miles of sewer pipeline – enough pipeline to stretch all the way to Austin, Texas.  
“We are thrilled to receive recognition for our dedication to excellence and environmental stewardship within our Pretreatment Program,” said Sue Schneider, Spartanburg Water CEO. “Our staff continuously strives to ensure both our industrial and residential customers experience our commitment to exceptional service, technology and reliable wastewater services.”