Spartanburg Water honored with top utility management award

Monday, November 11, 2019

Spartanburg Water is proud to announce it is one of just 19 public drinking water systems nationally recognized by The Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies (AMWA) for sustainable water management. This is the second time the utility has received this honor.

“Spartanburg Water is honored to receive this recognition and to be recognized for a second time is a direct reflection of all the innovative and dedicated employees within the organization who are true valued assets,” said Spartanburg Water COO Robert Walden.

The Sustainable Water Utility Management Award distinguishes water utilities that have made a commitment to practices that achieve a balance of innovative and successful efforts in areas of economic, environmental, and social endeavors. This includes the responsible management of resources, protection of public health, meeting obligations to the community, and providing cost-effective services to ratepayers.

Economically, Spartanburg Water’s sustainable business model utilizes long-term planning for future needs and a five-year financial plan to assure daily operational needs and required debt service are met, assets are properly managed and maintained, and infrastructure replacement needs are considered. Energy efficiency is achieved with hydroelectric generators to offset power costs and through small-scale solar installations at water tanks to power technological instruments.

Environmentally, our utility cooperates with federal and state agencies to find environmentally-safe solutions to seasonal algae problems.

Socially, Spartanburg Water implements community programs, including an employee day of service, Watershed Work Days, Water Matters Citizens’ Academy, Choose Tap, and Pontoon Classroom.

“AMWA awards spotlight he exceptional advances of public drinking water utilities that lead the nation toward sustainability through innovative management practices, executive leadership, and employee commitment,” said AMWA President Steve Schneider. “Communities that rely on AMWA’s 2019 award-winning utilities for safe, clean drinking water can also take pride in their outstanding utility management performance.”

Spartanburg Water earned its first AMWA sustainability award in 2014.