Spartanburg Water proactively addressing elevated algae levels on Lake Bowen

September 22, 2019 

In keeping with our mission to provide quality water to our nearly 200,000 customers, Spartanburg Water is set to begin an algaecide application on Lake Bowen starting Monday, September 23, 2019.

This treatment is a proactive step by Spartanburg Water to combat a rise in an algae byproduct, known as MIB. It is not uncommon to notice an increase in levels during the hot summer months. While MIB does not pose a safety threat, if left untreated, it can impact the taste and odor of our drinking water.

Hazen and Sawyer, a global engineering firm focused on water-related issues, has developed an algaecide prescription specific to Lake Bowen. The prescription utilizes two hydrogen-peroxide based products and will target five treatment areas outlined by experts.

These products have been used in the past with no side effects. Not only are they proven to be non-toxic to the ecosystem, they have been shown by SCDNR to be more environmentally-friendly and beneficial to the fish and other aquatic life that inhabit our reservoirs. These hydrogen-peroxide based products release oxygen as they perform work on algae, producing water as a byproduct.

The treatment is expected to last between four and five days and will not impact any lake activities during that time.

Experts consistently rank algaecide applications among the best lines of defense against algae growth. It is imperative that we implement this recommended best practice in order to continue serving our community at the highest standard. We take great pride in our reservoirs and are committed to caring for them in order to produce quality drinking water for our customers.

To see our videos addressing this algaecide application on Lake Bowen, go to our You Tube channel: