Customers should be aware of potential bill-pay scams

March 7, 2019

Spartanburg Water is encouraging all of its customers to guard themselves against bill-pay scams by individuals or companies claiming to represent Spartanburg Water.

A rash of rip-off schemes has been reported in the area by a number of local and regional utilities, and Spartanburg Water officials are committed to protecting you from scammers, as well as educating you about how to detect and report fraudulent activity.

A small number of our customers have reported receiving misleading phones calls from individuals identifying themselves as representatives of Spartanburg Water. The nature of the calls may vary, but typically involve the possibility of a potential service disconnection due to the customer’s account status. According to reports, caller identification systems may indicate that the call is “BLOCKED” or a 1-800 number on your display, and the calls may also appear to be automated.

If you suspect or experience that you are being targeted by scammers, Spartanburg Water asks that you protect yourself by immediately contacting us and local law enforcement.

Customers who may have past-due accounts will receive notification from us by mail, e-mail, or automated phone call before a disconnection is scheduled. The automated phone call does not request payment during the call; it only serves as a reminder of possible past-due account status. We only accept payment by mail, over the phone, online or at our main office at 200 Commerce Street, and we never collect money from our customers at their home or place of business.

Your account status can also be verified online, by phone, or in-person at our main office.

If you are uncomfortable providing personal information when called by someone identifying themselves as a representative of Spartanburg Water, please hang up and dial us directly at (864) 582-6375.