Reservoir drawdown process continues

For Lake Bowen FAQ’s about watershed maintenance and lake levels, click here.

For Lake Blalock FAQ’s about watershed maintenance and lake levels, click here.

Spartanburg Water’s lake level drawdown project for both Lake Bowen and Lake Blalock began December 1. The target range is 2.5-3 feet for both lakes. While Lake Blalock is within the target range, Lake Bowen is not.

Recent rain and snow events have caused Lake Bowen levels to fluctuate. We expect this to require a longer time to reach our target level for Lake Bowen and, if projected wet weather patterns continue, it may actually prevent us from reaching or sustaining lower levels in Lake Bowen. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is currently predicting a 40-50 percent chance of above normal precipitation.

The drawdown provides our watershed management staff and adjacent property owners an opportunity to examine the shoreline and perform other routine maintenance. 

Although not required, we continue to recommend that any boats be moved from the water during the drawdown period. Our wardens can answer any specific questions regarding boats on the lake.

This process will require the lower level to remain in place until the end of February. 

For more information, call (864) 592-2240.