Restocking efforts bring more than 320K sunfish to reservoirs

More than 320,000 sunfish were released into Lake Bowen and Municipal Reservoir Number One on Thursday in the latest phase of a restocking partnership between the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and Spartanburg Water.


Officials said on Thursday afternoon that 122,000 sunfish were scheduled for release in Lake Bowen, and another 200,000 in Municipal Reservoir Number One. The restocking plan was first put into action with the release of 85,000 bluegills, more commonly known as bream, on October 8. SCDNR biologists recently conducted an assessment to determine what species would benefit from a restocking. Last May, more than 200,000 fish died on both reservoirs.


“We’re grateful to our partners at SCDNR for their support and encouragement in this continued strategy to restock our lakes,” said Sue G. Schneider, Chief Executive Officer of Spartanburg Water. “This is another exciting step in a collaborative process that strengthens our watershed and brightens our collective future.”


Spartanburg Water provides drinking water from the reservoirs to a population of more than 200,000 people.