Frequently Asked Questions: Rates

Are my water rates changing?

A slight increase in our water rates will go into effect for all bills issued on or after August 1, 2018.

Are sewer rates changing?

There is no increase in this year’s sewer rate.

What is the new rate?

The Volume Charge, which represents how much water you use, will show a slight increase.

Inside City                 Outside City

.384                             .672

Is the base rate also being increased?

No—the base rate will remain the same for both water and sewer services.

What can I expect to see with this new increase?

The exact amount will vary based on how much water you use, but most inside-city customers can expect a one-cent increase for every 100 gallons and outside-city customers should, on average, expect to see approximately two cents more for every 100 gallons.

But how much would that equal on a monthly bill?

For the average household, it would mean an additional .67 inside the city, and $1.18 outside of the city.

Why are the rates increasing?

Our number one priority is providing the very best water quality for our customers and community. We continue to invest in new capital projects that ensure our ability to prepare for the future and protect our precious water supply for generations to come.