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  • How do I know if my lot qualifies for a dock?

    A qualifying lot must be a recorded parcel with a minimum of two points abutting the Spartanburg Water owned MSL contour and must have a minimum of 40 ft of shoreline when projecting the parcel’s sidelines to the water’s edge. (The information is spelled out in the Lake Policies and Procedures.) Spartanburg Water is also developing a map that will be on our website,, as a quick reference to determine if your lot is qualifying or not.

  • My lot is listed as “non-qualifying” and I have a dock. Am I going to have to remove it?

    During its recent inventory, Spartanburg Water identified some non-qualifying lots that have docks in place. Spartanburg Water is not planning to have anyone remove a dock that has been previously issued a permit on a non-qualifying lot. However, homeowners of docks on non-qualifying lots will not be allowed to make additional changes or improvements to the marine structure. 

  • What rights do I have if I have a qualifying lot and I want a dock but my neighbor’s dock is blocking my access?

    Spartanburg Water owns all the land around the reservoirs and access can only be granted by the sole permission of Spartanburg Water. When a marine structure has been approved by Spartanburg Water, the Watershed staff identifies the location it will be positioned on its property. While an adjacent property owner may meet the requirements of a Qualifying Parcel, which means that it has sufficient side width for placement, we sometimes find that the lake shoreline does not allow for a dock to be placed where the homeowner prefers. There are many coves around the lakes that limit both the location and size of the dock.  

    If other docks have already been sited by the Watershed staff for an area that has restricted watercraft access due to the topography, the most recent request may find their dock size limited or their dock placed in a non-preferred area along the shoreline.