The Good Neighbor Program

The Good Neighbor Program is a charitable contribution program designed to assist needy individuals in paying their water and sewer bills. The program was implemented by Spartanburg Water in 1992. The Salvation Army administers the distribution of funds.

Households that are served by Spartanburg Water and demonstrate financial need are eligible. The Salvation Army will maintain eligibility criteria for determining the distribution of funds. You may contribute by completing the attached form and returning it to Spartanburg Water. You have two payment options. First, you may choose a regular donation amount, which will be added to your Spartanburg Water bill. Should you wish to discontinue your donation at any time, you may do so by calling Spartanburg Water Customer Service at 582-6375.

Your second option is to make a one-time con­tribution. You may do this by checking “Option 2” on the attached form and sending a check made payable to Spartanburg Water.

Since the donations may be deductible for income tax purposes, you will receive a state­ment showing the amount of your contribution.

For more information, or to make a donation, please click here to download the Good Neighbor Program form.