New waterlines on tap for Glendalyn Avenue

Update Monday, November 5: 

Work at the intersection of Glendalyn Avenue and Pine Street began Sunday, November 4 and will take approximately a week, weather permitting. 

Construction performed at the intersection of South Pine Street, East Henry and Glendalyn Avenue will require lane closures on South Pine Street at night, allowing all lanes on South Pine Street to be open during daylight hours. To complete the final section of the waterline rehabilitation project, the northbound lanes of South Pine Street, at its intersection at Glendalyn Avenue, will be barricaded and closed to all traffic from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. beginning Sunday, November 4. Traffic traveling north on South Pine Street from 7 p.m. - 6 a.m. will be shifted to the median.  All lanes on South Pine Street will be open during daylight hours. The evening South Pine Street closure will last approximately one week, weather permitting.

What is the Glendalyn Avenue Waterline Rehab Project?

Spartanburg Water is replacing approximately 3,050 feet of existing waterline located along Glendalyn Avenue from South Pine Street to Connecticut Avenue. These waterlines carry treated drinking water from the treatment plant to the homes in the community. Private service lines from each home are connected to this main pipe, and it is critical to keep water flowing to you and your family.

Why is this replacement project necessary?

The existing waterline has been in place for  years and has reached the end of its useful life. Repairs to breaks in this aging waterline have increased in recent years, adding to the cost of maintaining and keeping it in service. The existing cast iron pipe will be replaced with new ductile iron pipe. Ductile iron pipe is a durable pipe that is made to last over 100 years.

What are the benefits to residents of the replacement project?

Line breaks often result in the disruption of water service and the inconvenience of work crews being in the area. The new line will provide better service and mean fewer repairs, fewer disruptions for your water service and less inconvenience from work crews. Replacement of the line is also a better use of ratepayers’ money, as lost water and frequent line repairs impact operational costs for the whole system.     

What is the schedule for the project?

The waterline work began Monday, March 19, 2018 and will last approximately six months depending on weather. Re-paving of the street will be completed by the City of Spartanburg at a later date. Crews will be on site each weekday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Work will also be done in the intersection of Glendalyn Avenue, South Pine Street and Henry Street. Work in this intersection could be scheduled at night to minimize traffic impacts.

Staff began construction on the third and final section of the Glendalyn project, between South Pine and Mills Avenue, Monday, September 10. During the installation of the new waterline, Glendalyn Avenue from South Pine Street to Mills Avenue is barricaded and closed to all traffic with an anticipated reopening by the end of November, weather permitting. Message boards alerting the public to the road closing are in place, two (2) facing either direction on Pine Street and one (1) on East Henry Street. Traffic control devices are in place on South Pine and East Henry Streets to direct traffic from East Henry Street in both north or south directions onto South Pine Street with a detour established on Palmetto Street for those needing access to Mills Avenue.  Only residents on Glendalyn Avenue within the work zone will be allowed access from Mills Avenue. 

Will there be any impacts to residents' water service?

Once the main lines are installed, service will be transferred from the existing main to the new main requiring a brief interruption of service. Spartanburg Water will notify you 24-hours before this change-over is scheduled. While we will try to minimize impacts, particles may be released from the service line during the work. Following this change-over, it is recommended that you take the following steps before using water for drinking or cooking:

  • Remove faucet aerators (screens).
  • Flush interior faucets and fixtures with cold water for several minutes.
  • Clean the inside of aerators before reinstalling on faucets.

Will there be any impacts to residents' driveways and/or yards?

Waterline installation will be done from three to six feet inside the concrete curb or edge of pavement and should not require any disturbance of either driveways or yards for main line installation. Impacts to yards will be required for reconnection of the service line to the water meter or if a fire hydrant needs to be replaced.  Typically meters and fire hydrants are located just off the curb in the right-of-way, so digging along the yard front would be required. Once all construction activities are completed, all driveways and yards will be restored as close to their original condition as possible.

Who do I contact for more information?

Information about the project can be received by calling the project information hotline at (864) 580-2055. Spartanburg Water will update information on this page as the project progresses to keep you informed. Road closure information will also be provided on social media channels Facebook, Twitter and Nextdoor. Please “like” Spartanburg Water on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to receive updates via social media.