Converse Heights Hydrant Flushing Project 

Update Thursday, December 6, 2018:

The Converse Heights community hydrant flushing project is complete: Glendalyn Circle, Glendalyn Place, Brentwood Drive, Greenbriar Road, Connecticut Avenue, South Fairview Avenue Extension, Briarwood Court, Riverside Drive, Scenic Drive, Poplar Street, Woodland Street, Hale Street, South Fairview Avenue, Otis Blvd., Mills Avenue, Gadsen Court, Grey Court, Mills Avenue, Rutledge Avenue and South Fairview Avenue, Norwood Street, South Fairview Avenue, Glendalyn Avenue, Mills Avenue, Connecticut Ave., Palmetto St., Hillview St., Peachtree Rd., Palmer St., Otis Blvd.

Spartanburg Water is proudly committed to providing quality water service to our region in a reliable manner. The water distribution network requires both routine maintenance and occasional upgrades.

Spartanburg Water is providing this information to answer frequently asked questions regarding the fire hydrant flow testing program.

What is the Fire Hydrant Flow Testing Program?

As part of its ongoing preventative maintenance efforts, Spartanburg Water will be conducting fire hydrant flow testing throughout the Converse Heights community. During fire flow testing, Spartanburg Water staff will move systematically through the area and exercise all hydrants by opening them and flushing water from the hydrant for several minutes. During flow testing, flow rates and system pressures will be measured. This service is done to ensure that hydrants are operating and able to provide sufficient flows before an emergency event occurs. 

Why is it necessary to flow hydrants?

Fire hydrant flow testing is done to ensure that hydrants are fully operational and able to provide adequate fire protection. Fire hydrant flow test results are used to determine the amount of water than can be safely delivered from a fire hydrant when utilized by fire department personnel When hydrant flow testing is complete all hydrants will be color coded. Color coding allows Fire Department personnel to easily identify the flow available at a hydrant in gallons per minute.  Flow testing is used to ensure that the system is ready to provide protection during an emergency event. Hydrants within the Converse Heights Community have not been flowed in several years.

What can the customers expect during this process?

As a result of hydrant flow testing and due to the age of the water lines within Converse Heights, residents in the immediate vicinity of the work may experience temporary discoloration of their water. Discoloration results when mineral deposits found on the interior of the water line break loose or become suspended as a result of increased flow through the lines. Spartanburg Water will attempt to minimize this discoloration and disruption to your service as much as possible by following the steps outlined below. If you continue to experience discoloration in your water after Spartanburg Water crews have completed the hydrant flows you should attempt to clear the pipes in your home by running all water faucets for several  minutes. If after flushing your internal plumbing, the discoloration does not go away please contact Spartanburg Water Customer Service and personnel will be dispatched to clear any remaining discoloration.

How long will it take to flow the hydrants in my area?

Spartanburg Water will be performing this work over the next several weeks.

What steps will Spartanburg Water take to reduce the inconvenience of this project on my neighbors and me?

Although the project is critical and will ensure reliable water service far into the future, we are sensitive to the impact it will have and are taking steps to minimize it, such as:

  • The water quality crews will work Monday-Thursday from about 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • The crews will be utilizing a diffuser to minimize flow disruption.

Performing these hydrant flows will help ensure adequate fire protection for the Converse Heights community, but by performing them residents in the immediate vicinity of the work may experience temporary discoloration of their water. Spartanburg Water is sensitive to the impact it may have and are taking steps where possible to prevent or minimize the occurrence:

  • Due to the activities involved with performing unidirectional flushing, clearing the potential discoloration of the water, and the hydrant flows this work will be performed during regular business hours, Monday-Thursday to minimize the disruption and inconvenience to you, the customer. Work in the morning will generally start about 8 a.m. and we will make every effort to conclude and have your service restored between 4-5 p.m.  A schedule will be made available through Nextdoor social media site and mail or door hangers.
  • Prior to performing the actual hydrant flow tests Spartanburg Water crews plans to utilize a method of flushing the lines called “Unidirectional Flushing.” Unidirectional flushing consists of isolating particular pipe sections or pipe loops, typically through closing appropriate valves and opening hydrants in an organized, sequential manner. During this process your residential meter will also be cut off while working on your street and you will not have water service during the unidirectional flushing period. By utilizing this method Spartanburg Water anticipates containment of the potential discolored water to the area and pipes that are being flushed. Once flushing is complete and water quality is acceptable your water service will be restored.  If you have an outside faucet Spartanburg Water will flush your service line to ensure it is clear also. If you have a health related or special need for water during this process please contact us and we will provide water for you and your family.
  • While performing the work you may see water on the road due to the flushing activities and hydrant flows. Our crews will be using a device called a diffuser to control these flows and minimize damage to the surrounding areas.


How long will it take to flow the hydrants in my area?

Spartanburg Water will be performing this work over the next several weeks.

Where will work begin?

Hydrant flow crews will be flowing hydrants throughout the Converse Heights community. Door hangers will be put out the day before work occurs on your street.

What is the schedule for the project?

Work began in late September. It will take several weeks to complete the entire process in the Converse Heights community.

What are the working hours for the project?

Spartanburg Water crews will be on site Monday-Thursday, approximately 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Will residents be allowed to drive to and from their homes while the work is being done?

Yes. The project should not impact traffic.

Will there be any impacts to driveways or yards?

The work will primarily be in the shoulder or the sidewalk.

Contact Information

This webpage will be updated regularly with information as we move through the project's seven phases. If you have any additional questions regarding your water quality or service, please call Customer Service at (864) 582-6375.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions regarding this project?

The project manager overseeing these activities is Corey Reid, Distribution/Cross Connection Control Manager, Collection and Distribution Department. Please feel free to contact him at /(864) 598-7403.