Lake Warden

Lake Warden Law-Enforcement Officer

Spartanburg, SC



  1. Provides general and specific law enforcement and security functions as they relate to Spartanburg Water property. Plan and implement detailed security checks of critical infrastructure throughout watershed and physical properties. Investigate vandalism to Spartanburg Water property. Maintain daily security activities log and provide documentation for detailed weekly reports. Maintain elevated levels of security based on Federal Homeland Security Alert Levels and management directives. Provide for expanded security checks for Landrum, Whitlock, Simms, Reservoirs, distribution system, etc. as needed to minimize system vulnerability to various threats, suspicious activity, etc. Investigate water theft from SWS hydrants/potable water connections and SSSD sewer services. Provide detailed instruction for after-hours security company under contract with SWS. Issue tickets and warnings to violators and prepare and attend court cases as necessary.
  2. Patrols lakes and reservoirs to monitor activity, enforce rules, and provide assistance; operates patrol boats to observe fishermen and other lake/reservoir users ensuring applicable regulations, rules, and procedures are followed; enforces rules and regulations pertaining to water safety, boating, fishing, and related activities; assists boaters as necessary.
  3. Conduct detailed watershed inspections (by boat, by vehicle, and by foot as necessary) of Bowen, Blalock, Reservoir #1, and Landrum to identify land use changes, water quality issues, etc. Promote and implement Watershed Watchdog Program initiatives and interact with participants. Provide feedback and reports to management regarding watershed initiatives.
  4. Conduct inspections of dams and spillways at Lake Bowen, Blalock and Reservoir #1. Measure water levels (with scientific monitoring equipment) in monitoring wells located at the dams for Lake Bowen, Lake Blalock, and Reservoir #1. Enter water level depths into spreadsheet for tracking and reporting purposes and regularly review with management to ensure excessive groundwater is not getting around structural abutments of dam.
  5. Issues recreational permits as regulated by Commission; accounts for any monies received for permits and makes bank deposits regularly
  6. Assists in training, supervising and directing work activities of part-time summer help and public service workers; coordinates daily work activities; organizes, prioritizes, and assigns work; monitors status of work in progress and inspects completed work; confers with assigned staff, assists with problem situations, and provides technical assistance.
  7. Prepares and maintains an assortment of records and reports including vehicle maintenance reports, watershed inspection reports, dam inspection reports, and other documents.
  8. Provides assistance with and participates in various departmental activities; provides input to the development of the annual department budget; attends meetings and presents information related to watershed management issues.
  9. Manage recreational parks owned by SWS including critical components such as public playgrounds, public restrooms, boat ramps, docks, fishing piers, trails, picnic areas, parking, etc. Maintain daily traffic counter reports. Document traffic counts in spreadsheet and graphical format. Develop, implement and update Internal Park Management Plan accordingly. Adhere to and provide feedback to management on Lake Warden Policy and Procedure Manual.

10) Performs duties to maintain daily operations in the department; orders and maintains inventory for the department including office supplies, seasonal boating permits, recreational facility, park and playground supplies, and janitorial supplies; delivers and picks-up mail.

11) Assists in managing the lake levels of three reservoirs to ensure the proper operation of the water plant, maintain fishing areas and meet recreational needs. Clean debris from lake(s), dams, and intake areas on an as needed basis.

12) Collect water quality samples on a daily or as needed basis from Lake Blalock, Lake Bowen, and Reservoir #1 (or other SWS water source) as directed. Conduct vertical dissolved oxygen, pH, and temperature profile sampling utilizing scientific laboratory equipment on a routine basis as directed by Management. Log sample results onto a laboratory profile sheet and maintain laboratory chain-of-custody paperwork for samples that must be transported to the lab.

13) Coordinates activities and assists emergency services and police with accidents, spills, or other emergencies that involve the watershed and other department facilities.

14) Conducts a variety of inspections; inspects gates, locks, and property entrances to ensure compliance with department security program; conducts maintenance and safety inspections of the dams; generates inspection reports.

15) Communicates with a variety of groups and individuals including magistrates, attorneys, lake residents, boat dealers, engineers, state agents, and the general public to offer and exchange information, advice and assistance.

16) Participates in various departmental programs; performs duties related to the Watershed Protection program which involves monitoring activity, generating reports and sampling water; participates in the Endangered Species Protection Program by monitoring sites, generating reports, and enforcing disturbance regulations.

17) Participates in training sessions, updates and formal classes as necessary to maintain law enforcement credentials. Completes coursework and successfully passes exam(s) in order to receive Completion Certificate in FEMA ICS / NIMS training for ICS-100, ICS-200 and IS-700.

18) Maintains offices, building and grounds areas; performs housekeeping duties in lake offices and park

areas; maintains grounds in park areas which includes cutting grass, raking leaves, and performing related grounds keeping duties, cleaning bathrooms, emptying trash in office and in recreational parks, etc.; performs general maintenance on docks, storage buildings, fences, gates, and posted signs.

  19)  Provides assistance to other operations in the organization and with public relations activities;; assists Watershed Specialist staff in surveying property around the lake; participates in various classroom activities, boating safety classes and related public events. Offers and conducts Boating Safety classes and other education/outreach presentations for the public. Participates and coordinates activities related to Watershed Workdays, Paddling Program events, Ski Bash, Pontoon Classroom, 4-H Camp and others as directed.  Assists, provides insight, approves direction and monitors Eagle Scout Projects on SWS property.


  20)  Performs other related duties as required.




High school diploma or equivalent with some law enforcement training and/or experience or any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience which provides the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities for this job. Must be at least 21 years of age. Must obtain an American Red Cross Adult/Child/Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED certification within 6 months of employment.


Must be commissioned as a Class I State Constable as provided for in Section 23-1-60 of the 1976 Code; must have completed successfully the training requirements of the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy in the manner provided for other law enforcement officers in the State or at another designated location and by training officers as prescribed by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Training Council, or must complete this training within one year of employment.


Must possess a valid driver's license. Must possess or obtain Red Cross certification in first aid/CPR and within six (6) months of hire. Must obtain Completion Certificates in FEMA ICS / NIMS training for ICS-100, ICS-200 and IS-700 within two (2) years of employment or assignment by supervisor. Must obtain SCDNR Boating Safety Education instructor status within one (1) year of employment.

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