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  • Why doesn’t Spartanburg Water permit boat ramps anymore?

    While there are boat ramps on properties around the reservoirs, Spartanburg Water has not allowed a new installation in many years. Boat ramps are mostly composed of concrete or asphalt and are impervious. The water quality impact to the reservoirs is that the boat ramps function as a direct conduit of  contaminants such as lawn fertilizers, etc., directly into the reservoirs from either stormwater or lawn irrigation.  

    The runoff from a boat ramp is one of the leading contributors to nutrient loading and sediment deposition in streams, rivers and lakes. Surface runoff from ramps, roads, lawns and agricultural areas cause big impacts to by increasing nutrient levels. In the case of water quality, nutrients are not a good thing because they cause algae to bloom resulting in taste and odor impacts to the drinking water.

  • Does that mean that I am going to have to remove my boat ramp?

    Spartanburg Water is not requiring anyone to remove their boat ramp at this time. We are looking at different ways to eliminate the impacts they have on water quality in the reservoirs.

  • Can I still use my boat ramp?

    If your property has an established boat ramp, then you have permission to continue using it. Boat ramps create a huge impact to the water quality of the lake and new ones have not been allowed for many years.