Lake Blalock Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where does the water in Lake Blalock come from?

A. Lake Blalock is formed by the North and South Pacolet River System (the Pacolet River). The North Pacolet River originates in southeast Henderson County, North Carolin, near Saluda. After flowing east into Polk County the North Pacolet flows into northern Spartanburg County. The South Pacolet River originates in Greenville County near Lake Lanier and flows east into northern Spartanburg County to form Lake Bowen. The flow from Lake Bowen then combines with the flow from the North Pacolet River to form Lake Blalock.

Q. There is vegetation growing in the area where there has been water. Can I cut this vegetation?

A. This vegetation may be removed. You must first contact the Lake Blalock Wardens’ Office and apply for a Vegetation Permit before you begin removing or cutting the growth.

Q. Does Spartanburg Water consider recreation when they withdraw water from the lakes?

A. All three reservoirs owned by Spartanburg Water were constructed to supply over 180,000 persons in the Spartanburg community with an adequate and safe supply of water. The lakes are actively managed to ensure that an adequate water supply is available to sustain water needs, even during times of drought. While Spartanburg Water is happy that recreational opportunities are available for Lake Bowen and Lake Blalock, the primary focus and purpose of the capital investments we have made over the years in creating and maintaining these reservoirs is for water production.

Q. Are the dramatic lake fluctuations to be expected every year? If the lake is going to fluctuate every year, will Spartanburg Water change their dock specifications so that docks may be useable year round?

A. Significant lake level fluctuations should only occur during extended drought conditions. Spartanburg Water has developed specific criteria where certain docks may be allowed a dock extension to accommodate these fluctuating water levels. Spartanburg Water officials have surveyed areas around Lake Blalock to identify adjacent parcels that qualify for long-term dock extensions. A map of the areas that pre-qualify for dock extensions is available for viewing at the Lake Blalock Warden’s Office. Even if an adjacent property does not qualify for one of these more permanent dock extensions, Spartanburg Water Lake Wardens will work with individual property owners to try and accommodate their specific dock needs, including issuing permits for flexible dock extensions that allow access to recreation when the lake levels are down.