Monthly Billing


1. What are the benefits of monthly billing?

  • More efficient household budgeting
  • Timely water usage information
  • Detect possible water leaks more quickly

2. When did this change take place?

  • Your February 2018 bill is your first monthly bill

3.  How to read your new monthly bill.

Please click the link to view document:  NEW BILL FORMAT

4. Will the Base Charge be the same for monthly billing?

The Bi-monthly Base Charge was reduced to the Monthly Base Charge rate, or one-half the bi-monthly rate beginning with the January transition bill.

5. Will billing and collection schedules change?

  • Current charges are payable within 25 days of the bill date, same as bi-monthly billing.
  • There will no longer be a separately mailed Past Due Notice. Reminders of past due balances will appear on the next monthly bill.
  • For customers that provide Spartanburg Water with up-to-date information for phone, text and email messages, Spartanburg Water will attempt a final notification at least 2 days prior to the past due balance due date.

6. What are the options for paying my bill?

  • BY MAIL: Pay by check or money order in the enclosed envelope
  • ONLINE: Click here
  • BANKDRAFT: Call (864) 582-6375 to enroll
  • BY PHONE: Call (844) 223-3041
  • AT OUR OFFICE: Visit us at 200 Commerce Street in Downtown Spartanburg, in the lobby, our two drive-through payment lanes or after-hours drop box
  • NOTE: Going forward, customers who currently use the automatic recurring credit card payment option at our website or automatic draft through your bank will continue to have their payment processed no later than the Friday following the bill due date.
  • If you have questions, please call our Customer Service line at (864) 582-6375 or (877) 797-7773 (Landrum Customers Only).