Lake Sweep

Lake SweepEvery year, people carelessly throw trash onto roadsides, making our community unattractive, while also making it unsafe. At first sight, small amounts of trash here and there appear harmless, but the long-term cumulative effects of trash can be devastating. Statistics show that 20-25 percent of all littered trash eventually flows into a waterway, whether it be a creek, stream, river or lake. As it accumulates, it destroys wildlife habitat and threatens water quality, while destroying the landscape and creating numerous health hazards.

To protect our water supply and to ensure that the citizens of Spartanburg County have an excellent source of drinking water and recreational resource for the future, Spartanburg Water hosts Lake Sweep every fall. Lake Sweep is an opportunity for Spartanburg Water employees and citizens from within the community to come together and work to beautify the environment. In 2016, about 200 volunteers removed about 17,740 pounds of trash from 15 locations around Lake Bowen and Lake Blalock to remove trash from roadsides, streams and shorelines.

Based on its increasing popularity, Spartanburg Water expects Lake Sweep to become even more successful in years to come. Partnerships, citizen awareness and employee pride for Spartanburg Water resources have helped to make Lake Sweep one of the most successful events in the state of South Carolina.

Lake Sweep is a once-a-year statewide event in conjunction with South Carolina Beach Sweep/River Sweep - organized by the S.C. Sea Grant Consortium in partnership with the S.C. Department of Natural Resources. It is the largest one-day litter cleanup of South Carolina's beaches and waterways and involves several hundred thousand volunteers in over 75 nations. Every third Saturday in September thousands of South Carolinians volunteer to clear trash from our beaches, rivers, lakes, marshes and swamps.

To volunteer for 2017's Lake Sweep, watch for announcements and registration details here on our website.