Prices and Features

Use your debit/credit card at any of our 12 locations

We are pleased to announce that all of our Ice Houses now offer a debit/credit card reader, so cash is no longer required to purchase ice. Customers still have the option to insert cash if they wish. Ice is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at our 12 safe and secure locations throughout Spartanburg County.

Each Spartanburg Water Ice House uses automation to produce, store, bag and dispense ice. All surfaces that come in contact with the ice are made of 100-percent-food grade stainless steel, ensuring the highest quality of ice and water is delivered for your convenience. Human hands never touch the ice produced by our Ice Houses.

An added value, excluding the Boiling Springs location, is the availability of “fresh filtered water.” Locations equipped with a water dispensing station are regularly serviced by licensed operators employed by Spartanburg Water. Site maintenance (cleaning around the area and restocking bags) usually occurs twice a week and the dispensing equipment is cleaned weekly. The ice is tested on a regular basis to ensure it meets food-grade quality. The customer brings their own container and purchases one gallon of water for a quarter, or five gallons for $1.

Individual Locations and Options

  • Woodruff (16 LB Bag: 20 LB Bulk) = $1.75

  • Whitney (16LB Bag: 20 LB Bulk) = $1.75

  • Asheville Hwy. (16 LB Bag) = $1.75

  • Lake Bowen (16 LB Bag: 20 LB Bulk) = $1.75

  • Lyman (16 LB Bag: 20 LB Bulk) = $1.75

  • Chesnee (16 LB Bag: 20 LB Bulk) = $1.75

  • Beacon (16 LB Bag: 20 LB Bulk) = $1.75

  • Blackstock Rd. (16LB Bag: 20 LB Bulk) = $1.75

  • Pacolet (10 LB Bag) = $1.25

  • Union Street (10 LB Bag: 16 LB Bag) = $1.25 -$1.75

  • Cowpens (10 LB Bag) = $1.25

  • Boiling Springs (10 LB Bag: 16 LB Bag) = $1.25 - $1.75